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Why listing your home for sale in February is better than you realize.
Posted by Ed Johnson on January 23, 2020 in  Listing Your House
THE MOST CONVINCING REASON YOUR CLIENTS SHOULD LIST RIGHT NOW That age-old myth that the spring market is the best time to sell? It simply isn’t true. A recent study by realtor.com confirmed that February of 2019 had more views per listing than any other month. January came in a close second, and it’s been moving that direction for the past five years. So, what does this mean for your clients? Waiting to sell only leads to one thing: more competition. And when there’s more comp... read more
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How to Decorate your House for Halloween if you are selling.

Follow these tips from Real Estate Professionals to help you decorate without scaring off Potential Buyers
Posted by Jessica Juracich on October 23, 2018 in  uncategorized
Autumn means crunchy leaves, ghosts, gourds and pumpkin spice everything. And, for many, it’s also time to dig out the Halloween decorations to get the house looking its creepiest. Fun and festive, sure. But probably not ideal if your home is on the market. After all, you want potential buyers to feel like they’re visiting their new home, not a haunted house they’ll run screaming from. That doesn’t mean you have to refrain from putting out any holiday decor — just follow these tips ... read more
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